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The Thurston Lava Tube

Move Over Rover Let Clover Take Over

This is a great collection of originals, along with a few select covers from Alan Jenkins and The Thurston Lava Tube. (Alan was formerly a member of The Deep Freeze Mice.) In addition, this marks the return of the infamous Alan (How to be in a pop group) Jenkins with a surf style instrumental band that convincingly plays not only its own pieces (which might have been hits in the early 60s) but covers of The Ventures and Zappa - with some stretching and non 60's noise because it's not just pastiche and parody. In a musical no mans land, but one which recognizes what was lost with the guitar instrumental as an electric music form. Cooly generic, but persuasive.

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1. Penetration
2. Gluon Boy
3. Lumpy Gravy
4. The Man With No Ping
5. Dogmatic
6. Lullaby of The Leaves
7. Func Surf Entity
8. Rocket Science
9. Being & Nothingness
10. Pempslider
11. Fox Sharp, Badger Minor
12. Don't Eat Aluminium
13. Dogs Are From Pluto
14. Forget About Freeman
CD Specifications the players
RELEASED: 2006  LABEL: Cordelia Records

PKG: Std Jewel Case w/Clear Tray & Wrap
PRT INFO: 6-Page/Panel 4/4 Pro Print
CD FACE: Full Color
CD MFG: Pro Rep Mfg

38:16     product id: 4032

INSTRUMENTS: Guitar(s), bass, drums and organ.

* Guest Musician
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