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Various Artists RB4

Rockin At The Barn Vol 4

Once again, it is hard, trying to find the words that express exactly how good this one is. So there's only one solution: let's use the cold, hard facts. This new CD contains 21 unissued tracks by both Swedish and American artists, showing off, in a really breathtaking way, what kind of songs and artists you should have heard of a long time ago, but never were able to hear, because no one plays them on the radio. A party covering a huge range of country rock sub-genres. Conclusion; producer Jan Andersson did it again and he seems to be the only one who can do it. He puts it all together on this new gem ... a real "must have" for all Americana-lovers.

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1. Go Way - Ove Wulff
2. True Love - Stringbeans
3. Little White Moon - Blue Mama
4. Early Morning Sun - Lisen Elwin
5. Love You Honey - Pilgrim
6. She's Better Than... - Deadnecks
7. One Last Chance - John Cate & The Van Gogh Brothers
8. Check Please - Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass - Kickin Team
9. Last Stop on Your Train - Brian Jay Cline
10. Liza - Wrinkle Neck Mules
11. Star - Bucksworth
12. I Don't Want To Talk About It - Racketeers
13. You Can't Talk To Me Like That - Rod Picott
14. Hog Tied Over You - Lisa & Her Kin
15. If I Could Only Win Your Love - Pilgrim
16. Pretty Ones - Trash Mavericks
17. Tall Enough To Reach Your Love - Bob Cheevers
18. Messin' With The Blues - Waylong & The Bunch
19. Rebel Liners - Neil Smith
20. Come Out And Dance - K Wilder
21. Way It Is - Joe Fournier
CD Specifications the players
RELEASED: 2004  LABEL: Dusty Records

PKG: Std Jewel Case w/Black Tray & Wrap
PRT INFO: 12-Page/Panel 4/1 Pro Print
CD FACE: 3-Color Ink Covering Disc
CD MFG: Pro Rep Mfg

71:24     product id: DR0014

INSTRUMENTS: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and more.

* Guest Musician
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