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The Budrows

100 Percent Foot Stompin Cigar Box Rock N Roll

The Budrows have been jammin’ foot stompin’ blues since 2008, when Jason began building cigar box guitars as playable artwork. There is a definite "swamp" vibe cookin' away on this raw, blues CD. The vocals are nice and rough (with some satisfying harmonies) and the musicianship remains consistently amazing! "Sure as molasses is slow, this band has the ability to transform any venue into a bonafide deep south juke joint, complete with a foot-stompin’, testifyin’ audience…" -Jason Schwartz, News Santa Ana. This blend captures the sound of that “down home, front porch delta blues” and adds some much appreciated energy. A great disc! Treat yourself!

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1. Livin' Sin (One String Guitar)
2. Man Across The Street
3. No Luck At All
4. Johnny Coldheart
5. Into The Fire
6. Heart of Man
7. Esoteric Blues
8. Mary's World
9. Pile o' Bones
10. Hold on Me
11. Little Mister
12. Out In The Space
CD Specifications the players
Label:  N/A    Year of Release:  2011

Cover Insert:  4-Page/Panel 4/1 Professionally Printed

CD Face:  2-Color Ink Covering Disc

Container:  Digi-Pak with Shrink-Wrap

CD Manufacturing:  Professionally Replicated

Run Time: 
32:47     CD #:  2805
Jason Farthing
Jason Farthing
Jesse V. Boden
Jesse V. Boden
Macarena Rivera
Macarena Rivera

Cigar Box Guitar
Kick Drum

* Guest Musician
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