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The Vivisectors

Gulag Tunes

Here's one to check out for sure. The Vivisectors are dishing up 16 surf/instro tunes based on Russian jailhouse songs. Man, it's great when an intriguing concept comes together with trad underpinnings. Prison songs are very popular in Russia. Why is criminal music so popular there? Because melody and harmony developed from Russian roots music is very engaging. The Vivisectors play traditional jailhouse songs in a surf manner to make this strange trashy style accessible. Phil Dirt writes: "What a cool concept. Ever since I heard The Fat Man and Team Fat cover the "Volga Boatman," I thought Russian prisoner and work songs would be great to cover."

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1. Free Flying Birds
2. Stop That Train (I Wanna Get Off)
3. Tagunca (Old Moscow Jailhouse)
4. Vurkuta - Leningrad Express
5. Uncle Ivan's Cherry Garden
6. Kolyme
7. Limunchiki
8. Kyev and Varanezh
9. New Pub on Deribasovskaya
10. Cigarette Stub (From White Kulyme Hell)
11. Two Punks Escape From Prison In Odessa
12. Bublichki
13. Night Lights
14. Gop-So-Smykom (Natural Born Thief)
15. Pigeons Flying Over Our Jail
16. Night Lights
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RELEASED: 2005  LABEL: Soyuz

PKG: Digi-Pak w/Wrap
PRT INFO: 4-Page/Panel 4/4 Pro Print
CD FACE: Full Color
CD MFG: Pro Rep Mfg

50:07     product id: 3679

INSTRUMENTS: Guitar(s), bass, drums and keyboards.

* Guest Musician
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