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The Vivisectors


The Vivisectors started as an instro, one-man band and became famous with the Gulag Tunes project, combining sunny surf music and ethnic Russian prison songs. The release of the first album, "Case History of John Doe", corresponded with the arrival in Russia of the Finnish group 'Laika' and 'Cosmonauts.' With this, the Vivisections unveiled their album while opening for Laika. Paranoia, despair, sudden joyous snapshots, are conveyed by the repetitive and catchy melodies and hooks that the Vivisections generate and are destined to stick in ones memory. Today, they keep researching the dark side of rock'n'roll and the haunting guitars are sure to captivate.

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1. Rat King
2. Redemption
3. Dead Forest
4. Creatures
5. Dark Territory
6. Eclipse
7. Angels
8. My Hell
9. Snake Mistress
CD Specifications the players
Label:  Vivisectors Lab    Year of Release:  2011

Cover Insert:  4-Page/Panel 4/0 Professionally Printed

CD Face:  2-Color Ink Covering Disc

Container:  Standard Jewel Case with Black Tray & Shrink-Wrap

CD Manufacturing:  Professionally Burned

Run Time: 
44:55     CD #:  6065

* Guest Musician
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