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1. 7-11 Blues
2. Love Is Just A Gamble
3. Special Road
4. Too Many Drivers
5. Baby Please Don't Go
6. Cryin' The Blues
7. Find A Way
8. R.M. Blues
9. Slick And Greasy
10. Blue Monday
11. Money Problem
12. Nothing But A Fool
13. Little Touch
CD Specifications the players
RELEASED: 1989  LABEL: Black Magic Records

PKG: Std Jewel Case w/Black Tray No Wrap
PRT INFO: 4-Page/Panel 4/1 Pro Print
CD FACE: Black Ink on Silver Disc
CD MFG: Pro Rep Mfg

53:56     product id: B9012

INSTRUMENTS: Guitar(s), bass, drums, harp, sax and keyboards.

* Guest Musician
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